Φαρμακείο Ποσειδώνος

The brief

Poseidon was the Greek god of the sea who protected all sailors back in ancient times. However, the name Poseidon nowadays is associated with the protection of our most valuable asset: our health. Thankfully, the pharmacy’s owner didn’t ask us to add any waves or tridents to the new logo. This way, we had the chance to focus on the core and essence of the brand to get our inspiration.

The concept

Health, life, and human, as ideas on a symbolic and biological level. These were are conceptual guidelines regarding the logo’s redesign. A combination of curvy lines and forms -which make any form more appealing to the human eye- create a representing triad: the cross, the human shape, and the cell symbol. In its entirety, the pharmacy’s visual identity is based in terms of color on green and its shades, which mark the different implementations (health cards, gift vouchers, pins, bags, posters and leaflets, store signage).

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