Oinopoiia Mihali Georgiadi – Radio Spot & Media Buying


Michalis Georgiadis Winery, one of the wine-makers pioneers and highly recognized in Northern Greece since 1940, is launching for the first time in its history the premium retsina “45 Strofes”. The new retsina started its communication through social media and outdoor advertising. In order to strengthen the positioning of the new product in the Thessaloniki market, we proceeded with a radio campaign featuring daily broadcasts and mentions on the city’s radio stations.


We took on the script of the radio spot along with a media buying plan. We created a personalized tagline, “Plays loud in your soul,” which offers the dimension of a more personal emotion. The premium wine “45 RPM” is not just a taste, it’s an emotion, it’s life! We presented the product by creating a scenario with a character of empowerment and positive prompts to the listener, to enjoy a unique taste experience that befits the story of the iconic tradition of Michalis Georgiadis Winery.

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