Nterlikatesen Awareness Video

The brief

Traditionally, Derlikatessen is synonymous with its handmade, unique skewer, since the very first time the charcoal was lit under its racks. As an extraordinary taste spot, it needed a one-of-a-kind recipe regarding its promotion. We had to stay true to the spirit of subversion and the unexpected that the brand serves. We definitely had to use the brand’s strong cards: fresh, tasty, high-quality, well-grilled meat, just like the old times…

The concept

So, how do you link tradition, taste, authenticity, consistency and surrealism, all in a video? First, you use skewers. Many skewers. Skewers that climb mountains, become binary code, and create a Meatrix around your protagonist -and then are grilled, fly all over, become fireworks. With a Tsoliás as the main character – who sometimes appears with a Neo twist – always under the sounds of “Papa Lambraina”. Why; Well… why not? After all, this is the Nterlikatesen essence…

(Sound ON)

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