Milkplan – 25 Years

The brief

On the occasion of Milkplan’s 25 years of operation, we were asked to create an anniversary campaign with the aim of reminding the audience that the brand continues to be a leader in the field of manufacturing and trading of livestock equipment, and also to reach out to new professionals in the industry.

We started by designing a new logo, which we applied to the corporate identity, social media, ATL (Above The Line), and BTL (Below The Line) activities, with the highlight being the supervision of the commercial booth at the 12th Zootechnia exhibition.

The concept

We designed the commemorative logo and its corresponding applications for the corporate identity, based on the client’s color palette and lines that harmoniously complement its image. For car branding, we highlighted the anniversary tagline “Livestock Farming as You Need It!” giving a fresh perspective to the brand’s image. We created a nationwide radio campaign, and the spot we aired had a light-hearted tone, emphasizing that Milkplan has everything a livestock farmer seeks.

Additionally, we generated content for Facebook and Instagram, both organic and promotional. Through pillars that helped the audience learn more about the brand, we highlighted essential information, fostering a deeper relationship with them. Showcasing significant milestones in the company’s years of operation, featuring prominent partnerships, mentioning its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, as well as highlighting its competitive advantages, formed the basis of this “digital” presentation.

A significant milestone of our collaboration was the supervision of the commercial booth at the 12th Zootechnia exhibition, one of the most important trade shows in Greece. Milkplan had an impressive appearance to communicate all the solutions it offers for livestock farming businesses. We designed signage and tabloids based on the anniversary corporate identity in an area of 600 square meters.

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