Ioniki – Social Media Strategy

The brief

The brief was clear; we need a Social Media Strategy that meets the requirements of a flagship brand in the field of frozen products. The presence on social media already existed, but we were invited to renew the digital content and graphics, to enhance the impact with paid ads and to reach specific audience that is interested in the brand.

The concept

We renewed the graphic design approach, following the brand guidelines, but also the tagline “The company of pie leaves”. We created new, updated content based on a monthly calendar and different pillars of communication. We enriched the content with creative graphics, 3D post, motion posts and real time marketing content, enhancing reach and engagement and creating a daily communication with the Facebook and Instagram user. The daily management includes paid ads to targeted audience, both B2C and B2B clients. The brand quickly acquired its own identity and managed to immediately stand out, often being talk-of-the-town in the field of marketing and communication.

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