The brief

Even though it is a byname, Sohalaki carries a story that beats loudly and passionately in the heart of Macedonian land, while its delicious decibels sound familiar to every aficionado of authentic taste. One of the issues in the rebranding process of this dairy brand was the incorporation of local tradition and folklore elements. The area has several related references, and the real challenge was to integrate them in a simple and clear manner.

The concept

At first, there’s always the logo, as it follows all our products – from cheese and rice pudding to cream and yogurt. Sochos’ little boy got dressed, adorned, arm banded, inspired by the local bell-bearers. Sheepskins, bells, costumes, and masks, symbols and elements which exorcise fears and evil that threatens the locals for centuries, have taken on a new, abstract, colorful form, to reintroduce the brand through its points of presence -from refrigerators and outlets to corporate trucks and staff uniforms.

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