Avga Tsakiri – Katse sta avga sou

The brief

The coronavirus’ pandemic during the spring of 2020 led many brands towards closing temporarily their businesses -and pausing their ongoing digital marketing strategy implementation. Tsakiris Eggs was the exception to the rule, as the Easter season is a peak sales period for the brand. Our goal was to maintain all the preexisting elements -e.g. humor- in our recalibrated communication approach, without being tone-deaf or irrelevant.

The concept

For our creative team, the main slogan “Sit On Your Eggs” (a Greek expression meaning stay put) was a perfect match to the #menoumespiti (We Stay Home) message of the Ministry of Health. It became a logo, a key element for all our themed posts on social media, a Facebook contest, a recipe challenge on Instagram, and part of the brand’s Easter TV spot. Sit On Your Eggs was also the motto of Takis, a persona named after another Greek expression, “Spiti mou, spiTaki mou” (home sweet home). Takis became an inspiring figure, a nutrition consultant, and a safety advisor during the time of lockdown.
In terms of associating our message with the Easter spirit and tradition -especially under the special circumstances created by the pandemic- our goal was to promote spending an “Easter As A Family”. This included special promos, contests, and CSR actions -such as giving away eggs to health and medical staff, the true heroes in this battle against the coronavirus.

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