Alterra TVC + Media Buying

The brief

Alterra returned to the TV airwaves with a fresh and highly summery TV spot for the promotion of smoothie products. In the new campaign, we were called upon to showcase four different smoothie flavors. Our goal was to reach women and men aged 18-44, with the main characteristics of a healthy lifestyle and their love for refreshing fruity tastes.

The concept

The TV spot presents four distinct packaging with unique fruit combinations and explains the minimal preparation time to make them at home. Each product represents the answer to a question with genuine emotions. For example, what flavor does paradise have in the end? And the answer: Pink Paradise (Strawberry-Peach-Mango).

In this campaign, we draw inspiration from people’s romantic behavior, associating the product names with abstract and poetic phrases. Aiming for an upliftment of the soul for those who watch our TVC, we parallel the freshness of our products with a modern mentality. The result of all this? The enjoyment of life itself!

On a production level, we follow modern applications in colors and movements. We showcase rapid fruit transitions with specific motion patterns, along with visual elements that enhance the scenario and elevate the outcome. The technique we employ is a combination of 3D elements in a 2D environment, resulting in a highly impressive design and motion.

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