ActionAid Hellas – Phygital Campaign


On the 50th anniversary of ActionAid Hellas, celebrated in 2022, we were requested to create a phygital activation that will position the organization’s activation areas and inspire people to be part of their vision. The activation was launched during the period when the organization had scheduled events in Thessaloniki and Athens, in order to complete the 50th anniversary celebration.


The creation of an AR filter for the 50th anniversary celebration of ActionAid Hellas is the best way to fully convey various social messages given through the paraphrasing of proverbs and popular sayings, applied to Instagram users. The name of the app? “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”. The main goal is the interaction with the public, and the approach of new supporters who will believe in the non-profit organization’s vision.

At the same time, we transferred the idea to a physical activation and created a team card game. Through the cards of individual words, and in a highly entertaining way, we pointed some issues that ActionAid Hellas deals with.

The structure of the game is simple: 6 thematic categories, 50 cards, as many as the years of activity, with individual subjects of everyday life, 18 headbands, for the players who will participate in the game.

The process to participate in the game is also simple: the game players are divided into 3-4 people groups. The game teams that are created play consecutively, and with the help of a moderator, they try to find out as many words as they can, to lead them to victory.

This enjoyable process of the game pointed out some of the most important issues of the worldwide communities, that ActionAid Hellas works in with people’s support.

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