Action Aid Hellas – Digital Campaign


The non-governmental organization Action Aid Hellas approached us in June 2021, through a covid-19 period, and asked for a new digital campaign. We were asked to promote a holistic view of its humanitarian work, not just through the issue of child adoption. Even if the goal was to increase the number of donations in Greece, there was still a communication gap, which we were called to cover through creative digital content that would “speak” directly to the donator.


We named the idea “Fake News” and we created native content on the most viewed Greek online media. To draw the audience’s attention, we created impressive headlines presenting good news in an ideal world. In the main body of the articles, we revealed the real news and the multiple fields of actions of the organization. We focused on the community behavior of the Greek donators, and we asked them to become part of the change for a better and fairer world! We created authentic content on social media and the website, with special emphasis on emotion to raise public awareness and ask for its support. We published organic posts and paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. The organization managed to increase the percentage of donators during a rough period for Greece (Covid-19, Greece wildfires) and redefined its role with multiple messages.

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