The brief

For IEK ALFA, the biggest challenge it faces before the start of each educational year is the enrollment period. We took on the TVC spot to communicate the enrollment period and the multitude of choices a young person has in selecting the profession that suits them. The client’s main requirement was to create the first – after many years – 360-degree campaign to showcase the features of the educational institution that make it stand out and to encourage prospective students to follow its educational program.

The concept

With the tagline “Born to Succeed,” we created a confident TV spot aimed at young people. The protagonist of the spot is a skilled skater who, according to the script, believed in himself and his abilities, and with this dynamic attitude, he chose his studies. We focused on highlighting the ways and tools that ensure professional success for students in leading companies in the market. The scenario was complemented by young male and female students who “represented” the hottest professional choices. The overall approach of the campaign is youthful and fresh, focusing on the lifestyle of the Gen Z generation.

The same script served as the basis for the radio spot of the campaign, which was broadcast nationwide. The campaign was completed with outdoor advertising on taxis in Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as digital content for ongoing enrollment campaigns.

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