PPC Campaign strategy for your F&B business


PPC Campaign strategy for your F&B business

Posted by Nikos in News 29 Mar 2017

Key strategies for a successful PPC campaign of your food & beverage business.


In an increasingly competitive landscape food and beverage businesses face lots of digital challenges in order to differentiate and go in front. They need to address opportunities in the online world and exploit their resources wisely so they can ensure a consistent customer base and stay ahead of their competitors.

Of course PPC is one of the most effective strategies to drive more traffic to your physical place, orders and reservations into your business. But what elements of your strategy will make your campaign count?

Mobile Ads

First and most important is the use of mobile ads. According to recent researches mobile usage outpaces mobile advertising spend by 3x. Therefore, it is vital that your business is visible in mobile searches. Moreover, mobile ads is the best option for restaurants as potential clients might be looking for nearby dining places while they are on the move. Mobile bids should be increased during the night when dinner is served, when audience is looking for a restaurant or a fast food on their cellphones. That way your business can be visible for a specific search and rank in the top for a particular keyword.

food business mobile ads

Local Ads (Facebook & Google)

Another key feature of your digital strategy is targeting based on location. Potential clients usually look for nearby places to dine out so you get more value when you target specific cities and areas eliminating non relevant clicks that waste your budget. It is really important that you keep your ads in front of the right audience.

Moreover, location based search is another key feature that enable businesses to show ads to people who are within a specific distance from their stores or restaurants adjusting their bids accordingly.

Last but not least, food and beverage businesses should consider seasonality in their ppc campaign strategies. Not all the periods of time are fruitful for your business and you need to adapt your strategy accordingly. Ad content should have special offers and promotions to drive visitors. Reducing bids is another alternative which will help you to be still visible without spending too much to appear in the top positions.

Vitamin media experts are here to discuss with you all the new trends in PPC advertising and digital marketing and help you develop the most effective strategy for your business.

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