Facebook Ads. How to get more return on investment

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads. How to get more return on investment

Posted by Nikos in News 18 Jul 2017

Facebook Ads.

How to get more return on investment (ROI) from you Facebook ads spend?


 Undoubtedly Facebook is the key channel a business should invest on right now. There is plenty of opportunity to reach audiences that can really convert for your business and build a loyal customer base.

However, even though businesses seem to get some fans, video views or clicks, ultimately the return on investment (ROI) isn’t quite there. So they quite often wonder if it is really worth to spend budget on this.

At this point the question that arises is how businesses are using Facebook remarketing?

And what are the most common mistakes that prevent an enterprise from getting higher ROI?

First of all, not using Facebook ads technology in the right way.

That could mean not having pixel installed for example. Or not using custom conversions and not really understanding custom audiences- which are crucial for remarketing- in the right way.

Facebook advertising

Also, lots of studies show that on Facebook we need between six to nine brand touch points before somebody is an interested sales prospect or a lead. Prospects need to go through the whole Facebook marketing funnel: awareness, interest, consideration, and final purchase which totally makes sense since people don’t know the business and they’re not just start buying because of a nice landing page.

Moreover, a successful enterprise should build content that value: videos, blog posts or webinars. Two things matter here: All the content should be available on the website so they can retarget people and get them down the funnel. Secondly, creating value for the audience meaning building engaging content relevant to the product of the business.

Finally, Facebook has done an amazing job optimizing their platform so marketers should rely on the process of finding the right audiences.


Once a business focus on those key factors it takes time and patience to start convert. They are not going to have magically many conversions upfront, but it really works.

We are here to discuss with you all the new trends in Facebook advertising and help you develop an effective social media strategy.

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