A quick Facebook ads guide for digital marketers

A quick Facebook ads guide for digital marketers

Posted by Nikos in News 27 Sep 2017

Over the last years Facebook Ads has become the most valuable tool to reach even the most “difficult” kind of audiences. Whether investing 300 euros or 30.000 per month, businesses see substantial increase in their turnover improving at the same time their brand awareness.

However, there are plenty of businesses that can’t exploit Facebook ads making the same mistakes.
Here we will see a list with the most important things marketers should keep in mind to run a successful Facebook campaign.

First of all, the ad image must contain less than 20% text. That means that Facebook is very picky about how much text a business can display inside of their ad creative.
That way Facebook make sure that your ad images don’t include over-sized logos, call-to-actions and other excessively commercial elements.

Another thing you should have in mind is bidding models. Facebook ads offer a few different ways to structure your bid models: CPC, CPM, post engagement etc. It really depends on the specific goals and audience that a business might target.

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Regarding location things can be a bit more complex: selecting a particular location doesn’t necessarily mean people who live there. You can really elaborate your target options selecting “people who travelling in this location” or “people who live in this location” so that way you save ad budget avoiding targeting irrelevant audience.

A successful campaign on Facebook ads also requires installing the Facebook pixel.
Facebook advertising offers a range of functions that require tracking pixels to be added to your website. The most typical examples include building custom audiences to retarget users who have already visited your website, tracking conversions from users who have seen your Facebook ads as well as using conversion pixels to stop showing ads to users who have already converted.

Finally, in terms of creative, they should be carefully segmented depending on the target audience. It is far more effective to target smaller and more specific groups showing customized appealing graphics and content to them. So running separate ad campaigns for hiking and running goods and products for example does totally make sense as they form two different markets.

If you need help with your Facebook ad campaign we are here to discuss about your business needs and form the most effective strategy.
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