Digital Marketing: 5+1 SEO tips for your Website

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Digital Marketing: 5+1 SEO tips for your Website

Posted by Nikos in News 23 Dec 2015

On this blog post we are going to discuss some common tips to improve your website’s SEO.

SEO is a very crucial part of your digital marketing strategy.
Of course SEO is important but not the only way to promote your business online. After all, you should know that SEO needs a lot of time and effort.

There are some alternatives such as Facebook Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Facebook Contests. These are faster and, usually, cheaper ways to promote your business online and engage your customers.

1. Keyword Research

Even if you don’t have a technical background you may have listen about stuffing keywords to your website. This may be correct but you have to do your homework first. It is very important not to spam with multiple keywords on every page. This may be considered a black hat technique by Google and your site will be penalized. You should search for keywords that people are looking for, in order to find your business services or product.

Do not bid only for broad keywords, but also target on specific long-tail keywords that will drive traffic to your site. In order to do your research you should check Goole Keyword Planner or any other similar tool like WordStream Tools and KeyWord Tool.

2. Add Value to your Site with Content Marketing

Content is the king, as everyone says, on digital marketing industry. You should post and promote useful content. Remember that you write for your customers not for the search engines. Even Google says that! You should try to educate your visitors with blog-posts, infographics, videos and useful tips about your industry and not just your brand.

Writing a blog post is a great opportunity for you to engage visitors and customers. At the same time, you can write about a topic you want to rank for on search engines. So, once again make your research and remember that you write for your audience.

3. Social Signals & Facebook Ads

SEO isn’t only about keywords or backlinks. Your website should have a voice on social media. You have to add social sharing buttons on your pages and your blog. You could also encourage your visitors to share your content on social media. But in order to do this, you should post quality content. In order to increase your social presence you could promote some posts on Facebook.


Facebook Advertising

To be honest, paid ads on social media aren’t ranking factors for better results on Google. Although you can promote your business in an efficient way.

4. Optimize your Images

Images on your website are responsible some times for delays when you are trying to browse into a webpage. You should decrease their size with a plug-in or a converter in order to increase your website’s speed. Remember site speed is a ranking factor.

Moreover, you should add keywords on alt attribute and write a caption for every image you upload. Just like we do with advertising photos on Facebook. Remember to add the same keyword on both alt and caption.

5.Stop Buying Links!

Buying links consider a black-hat technique. Stop buying backlinks. This is not a safe technique anymore. Write, promote and distribute useful content and you will earn high quality backlinks.

5+1 Mobile Website

It is a high priority for you to have a mobile friendly site. You might have heard of Mobiligeddon. Google’s update on 21st of April 2014. According to Google, your site must be mobile friendly in order to rank for keywords on smartphones and tablets. So you have to use responsive design in order to rank on mobile devices. Remember, mobile traffic is increasing every day!

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