3+1 facebook advertisting tips

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3+1 facebook advertisting tips

Posted by Nikos in News 22 Feb 2016

Facebook Advertising 101

You do know that facebook increases its users every day. You also know that facebook (and all social media platforms) isn’t just for connecting with other people. You have a great opportunity to promote your business. In fact, facebook lets you promote your business to the right people. Here are some tips:


1. Target based on facebook interests

You can target users by adding interests. You can choose based on your products, add interests similar to your industry or a specific product you want to promote. So for example if you want to promote an e-shop selling clothes you are able to add interests based on women and/or men fashion. Of course you could narrow the audience every time you want to sell a specific product.

2. Geographic location

You are able to target specific geographic locations. A whole country, a city, or just a neighborhood. So, do you want to sell only in Thessaloniki or in Greece? You can do it. It is far more better to have a strategy. For example, in case you are selling clothes for extreme cold you are going to target different geographic areas with low temperatures.

3. Local Promotion

Except targeting cities or countries facebook lets you promote your business to people near your store. You choose a radius around your physical store and people who live there (or people visiting the area) can see your ad.

3+1. Remarketing

Have you ever noticed that after visiting a website you are seeing advertisements on social media? It is called retargeting (or remarketing). We are able to promote your ads on your websites visitors. That way you have the ability to “tell” them that they didn’t buy a product or even better that you have new products or offers for them.


We can show you more ways to promote your services or products. In fact, we can sell your products on facebook through a cost-efficient way.

Do you need any piece of advice for your facebook advertisting strategy? Drop us a line at hello@vitaminmedia.gr or call us at +30 2315 111 555.

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